The LimeLight Facial™ is a new, non-invasive approach to skin revitalization. It is great for erasing:

LimeLight is ideal for the face, neck, and neckline as well as other areas commonly exposed to sunrays.

How Does It Work?

Your practitioner can customize the LimeLight Facial to suit your skin type and selectively treat the desired areas. The therapeutic effect comes from the heating of the pigmented cells.

What Does It Feel Like?

Patients will experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation while the light is being administered. We recommend that you use gel to cool the skin before vascular treatments. Anesthesia or pain medicine is not typically required for this procedure.

How Long Does It Take?

Treatment time depends on the area being treated. However, most treatments take less than one hour. One to three treatments are usually sufficient to see results. Additional treatments may be recommended, especially for skin with excessive sun damage.

What Happens After?

Immediately following treatment, brown spots will start to darken and your skin may appear slightly red. Makeup can be used to cover up redness. The treated area may also become mildly swollen. Swelling usually goes down after a few hours, but can last up to a day and sometimes longer.

When Will I See Results?

Darkened spot typically flake off and fade within one to three weeks, and your spotted complexion will improve. New spots, veins, and redness may appear with new sun damage. To prevent this from happening, remember to always apply broad-spectrum sunscreen while outdoors, as this will minimize sun damage and the appearance of new spots and redness. However, these too can be treated.

Rosacea is a chronic condition and cannot be “cured” with any laser or light source, but its appearance can be improved.

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