Laser Genesis

In a few short in-office treatments, the excel V+ laser gives your skin a clear, even look! It’s the fast and easy way to treat skin discoloration, fine lines/wrinkles, rosacea, age spots, acne, and acne scars. Plus, many more common skin concerns. No more hiding behind heavy concealer!

How does it work?

Your treatment provider will select one of excel V+’s two lasers and customize the treatment settings to target the color and depth of your skin concern. Most treatments are finished in just a few minutes, and results are typically seen after a series of 1-3 treatment sessions.

Is the treatment painful?

excel V+ treatments can feel similar to a quick rubber band snap against skin. Depending on the procedure, a cooled treatment tip will be in contact with the skin to protect and provide additional comfort to the area. A topical anesthetic may be available from your provider to improve your treatment experience.

Are there any side effects? What about downtime?

Typically, you can wear make-up and return to normal activities immediately. Redness and/or swelling can be expected following treatment. For full face treatments, swelling will peak 24 to 48 hours post treatment and usually resolves within a few days. Treated brown spots will darken following the treatment and slough off within 3 to 5 days.

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