Medical Weight Loss

loose jeans after medical weight lossHave you tried losing weight on your own but have seen minimal to no results? You’re not alone. Some people need additional help outside of traditional diets and exercise to lose weight.

At the Medical Aesthetics at Guilford, our medical weight loss programs are custom-designed to work with your unique body composition, metabolism, and other factors. Every session is supervised by one of our medical professionals, ensuring that you get the proper guidance.

Program Details

Programs run as low as $90/month for self-pay patients.

Insurance Information

We accept most major medical insurance after the initial deductible is met. If your insurance is accepted, we will waive the $115 initial consultation fee. 

Attention Medicare Part B Recipients!

Behavioral therapy for obesity is covered by your insurance! The coinsurance and Part B deductible are waived for this service.

Start Your Medical Weight Loss Program Today!

If you are struggling with obesity and are ready to make a change, medical weight loss may be right for you. To schedule an appointment for medical weight loss, give us a call at 770-532-3306 or go to our contact page.

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